The Curtain – A Novel by Author Patrick Ord

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Patrick Ord Discusses THE CURTAIN with Salt Lake City’s NBC Affiliate KSL


Have you met Henry Maddox? He knows you — not personally of course… he really only knows your data. But from that data he actually may know you better than you think you know yourself. Henry knows where you’ve been and what you’ve bought. He knows all of your friends. Henry not only knows your behaviors, he understands your tendencies. And from those tendencies, he can predict what you’re going to do before you’ve actually done it.

Who is Henry Maddox? He is a 21st century marketing consultant and he specializes in highly personal and irresistibly persuasive advertising.

Henry’s strategies combine modern data mining (Big Data) techniques with other advanced and controversial marketing practices (Market Fragmentation, Cross Promotion, and Conglomerate Propagandizing) to the point where consumers don’t even know they are being sold. Businesses love Henry because he not only moves product, he actually controls their customers.

But when Henry is forced to face how his techniques affect real people, he realizes he has inadvertently given corporations the power to destroy society for their own ends.

THE CURTAIN explores the effect that increasingly sophisticated marketing techniques have on communities, families, and individuals. In an age of digital distractions, who remembers the transcendent morality that has allowed past civilizations to prosper? When corporations have the influence and motive to define people by what they consume, are we as individuals losing the substance of who we really are?

THE CURTAIN is entertaining, fun, thought provoking, educational, and frightening. Ord’s storytelling is brilliant and his research extraordinary. THE CURTAIN is a must read for anyone that watches television or movies, listens to the radio, accesses the internet, logs into social media, has a smart phone, participates in loyalty card programs, or uses GPS technology. In short, THE CURTAIN is for everyone.


This summer I read this novel in two days sitting on my couch trying to ignore morning sickness. It was pretty gripping. Told like a Dan Brown thriller, The Curtain exposes some of the biggest secrets of the Internet business. Hint: it’s all about getting your information. And there’s a part about how mommy blogging is used to drive women to perfection which ultimately leads them to buy more stuff. You can imagine I was pretty engrossed.

Courtney Kendrick from

I’m mad that these big-profit businesses can get into our homes.  I’m mad that without permission they can just put things out there that are dangerous and that can hurt people.  I read a book this summer called “The Curtain” that was SOOO interesting… Read it if you want an interesting way to open your eyes to how companies work to gather information and use it to catch people in their snare and make money.  It’s scary business.

Shawni Pothier from

About UNCLE TOM’S CABIN, the novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe, Lincoln said that it was the little book that ignited the Civil War… I hope Ord’s THE CURTAIN will move a critical mass of people to resist the intrusions and manipulations by business and government now becoming fearfully common.

Douglas Winslow Cooper

It’s rather scary to see what data we consumers are inadvertently giving away to companies who then use it to their benefit and often to our detriment. This book clearly demonstrates that companies who understand the value of personal data and are willing to manipulate it don’t just look at consumers as their customers, they consider them their products.

Michael Lewis

THE CURTAIN goes so deeply into how your data is used, how much it effects you and everyone else. It’s a lesson to be learned, which is taught, I think, very well. 

After you read the last page, you look up, and realize, not only was it a good story, but that it’s happening. 

Nathan (9th Grade)


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* Read Patrick’s nationally syndicated article, “Lessons On Surveillance From George Orwell’s 1984

* Watch Patrick’s recent appearance on “Studio 5” in Salt Lake City where he explains how Facebook reveals your secrets to advertisers.

* See photos of Patrick’s family selling his book at the KSL Family Book Festival in Salt Lake City.

20 thoughts on “The Curtain – A Novel by Author Patrick Ord”

  1. Patrick…..I must say for your first novel, you did one hell of a job! I am curious as to how many manuscripts you have hiding under your bed before you got the one to actually be published? I did enjoy your book – and will admit that I now have cookie paranoia…….

  2. B Parker said:

    Just finished your book, what a great read! I too now have cookie paranoia. I never thought much about it previous to this reading, but my eyes are open now. Can’t wait to read more from you.

  3. Great read Patrick. I’ve worked in the financial industry for a few fortune 500 companies and can attest that these practices are very much in use. Even though I was aware of data mining already, I found this book to be a very interesting and entertaining read. I highly recommend it and I hope you keep up the good work.

  4. Rex C. Day said:

    I loved your book! I have been reading books since I was 9 and I’m 71 now, I have never read a bad book but The Curtain is on the top of the list!! Keep em coming.

  5. Impressive debut novel, one that I hope is ahead of its time. Scary to think we are so transparent to those who would influence us, be they in business or government. I plan to review it at

    • Douglas: Thank you for your encouragement. I’m glad that you enjoyed THE CURTAIN. Also, I appreciate your willingness to post an Amazon review. As a new author, I live and die by word of mouth.

  6. Just finished your novel THE CURTAIN and am blown away at the depth it goes into exposing what is going on that most people know but do not realize the insidious effect it actually has. Being of an age where I grew up before computers and taking technology in my stride I am appalled at the way the newer generations have no concept as to the liberties they are giving away that so many died to protect. Hopefully this novel will be mainstreamed and reaches the people who can follow the advice given and can turn this around. One can only hope for the sake of everyone! I will now continue to Amazon to give my 5 star review! If you never write another word you should be heralded as a light-bringer to this now dark and sad world.

    • Thank you for your encouragement Ann-Marie. Although the trends are troubling, I’m hopeful that informed consumers can exert their influence for good and hold businesses accountable for their actions. That is why I wrote THE CURTAIN — to cause people to take notice. I have five kids. I can’t afford to not fight for a better world🙂

  7. Patrick said:

    A well crafted and informative book sir. I have told friends of mine to read it as well, hopefully their eyes will open. You can see many aspects of your novel in daily life. Thank you for bringing this to the people.

  8. an excellent and thought-provoking book that I have recommended to my friends. Not sure it belongs under fiction, however. Is there another in the works?

    • Thank you Molly. I appreciate you spreading the word. I had a lot more material that didn’t make it into the book that could make for a compelling sequel. Since the book was published (March 2013) there have also been some really interesting revelations that validate the points made in the book — think Edward Snowden and the Government stealing consumer data from large tech companies (Google, Yahoo, etc.) to the tech companies’ consternation. Not many people understand the value in data. Those who do will rule the world.

  9. I too enjoyed your book, well paced and interesting premise.

  10. This book is so great and this is coming from a 10th grader who doesn’t usually like to read. I hope you have more books coming soon.

    • Hi Julie. I’m glad you enjoyed my book. My initial motivation for writing THE CURTAIN was to expose all of the ways that corporations manipulate consumers — especially young people. So, I’m especially elated when someone like you reaches out to me to tell me that you liked it. Please spread the word — tell your friends and your teachers to read it. I think that THE CURTAIN would be a great book to discuss in High School English/Literature/Current Events classes.

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